Thakeham Furniture

February 22, 2012

Modern Day Office in an C18 Century Bureau

Bureaus are back!

Gone are the days of bulky desk top computers.  Humungous hard drives have been slimmed; fax machines replaced by email and monitors as deep as they are wide are now as little as one inch thick. These days people favour a lap top over a desk top (according to the IDC, the sale of laptops overtook desktops in 2005 and the percentage of laptops sold over desktops has been rising ever since)

Because everything has been downsized, there is now less need for large desks, and what better to store all those gadgets in than a bureau (A lovely original Georgian one even better!) Most bureaus have a number of pigeon holes, ideal for keeping things tucked neatly away, mobile phones, mp3 players, cameras, sat nav etc. Many also have a number of drawers, ideal for paperwork and stationary.

The one pictured even has drawers large enough to store a lap top in. When in use, the fall can be opened, allowing enough space for the lap top to sit on, when finished it can be all shut neatly away, perfect for those of suffering from messy desk syndrome! The lock also keeps your gadgets and work safe from nosey children!

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