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February 22, 2012

Antique Furniture is Green – It’s Official!

Antiques are Green was launched  in September 2009. This not-for-profit campaign aims to get antiques recognised for their genuine green credentials. Antiques are a great buy, good value for money and a very enjoyable, sustainable purchase.

In September 2010  a carbon footprint analysis was commissioned of an antique chest of drawers against its modern equivalent. The study, conducted by Carbon Clear, an independent consultancy specialising in carbon accounting, finally puts a figure on just how eco-friendly buying antiques can be: the new item had a carbon footprint 16 times higher than the antique!

The analysis compared the greenhouse gas emissions produced during the lifespan of two chest of drawers; one constructed in 1830 with an assumed lifespan of 195 years, during which time it has been restored and sold twice and, the other, a new piece of similar value available from a reputable high street retailer with an assumed lifespan of15 years. The detailed report focuses on all stages of each product’s lifecycle: from thesourcing of materials to the manufacturing processes, the transportation to the storage and finally to the disposal. For a full copy of the report visit:

Mark Hill, co-presenter of the BBC’s Cracking Antiques and an expert on the AntiquesRoadshow comments “There has never been a better time to buy antiques – not onlydo they provide us with excellent value for money and the opportunity to create ourown individual style but they also enable us to help the environment through ‘glamorous  recycling’ as confirmed by the facts in this insightful report.”

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